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Oil & Gas
Reliable supplier of Ex-proof components and instrumentations.
In the oil, gas and offshore industry very high demands are set on the safety of the valuable equipment and installations. On shore and off shore: standstill is absolutely forbidden. With Wintron South-east Asia as your partner, you are always assured of optimal solutions, optimal in functionality and reliability.

In the area of instrumentation Wintron Southeast Asia offers a large choice of products for measuring pressure, temperature, flow and level. Both for universal use as well as for very special applications like explosion-safe instruments.

Industrial Automation
Wintron Southeast Asia brings together leading products, systems and solutions from across various sectors - Automation & Safety, Motor Control, Power Distribution, Hazardous Area Equipment & Control, Enclosure Systems & Power Quality. We provide industrial automation products, services and local support for automation needs which includes: Drives, Servo Motors, Stepper Motors, Variable Speed Motors, Specialty Motors, AC and DC Drives and Motors and Gearheads etc.

We offer a complete solution to all your motor and motor control requirements. Wintron motor and drives provide a powerful and easy to operate motor control for all your automation needs.

Industrial Solutions
At Wintron Southeast Asia, we developed and design highly intergrated motor control solutions for the most demanding and varied industrial applications. We provide one stop local support and needs for businesses to meet any industrial design objective to achieve their business goals.

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