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Efficient machines require efficient drives – and every drive application is different. This is why Siemens has a seamless range of motors built and constructed according to NEMA and IEC Standards for use worldwide. From energy-saving motors through explosion-protected motors according to ATEX up to industry sector-specific motors – and also motors for use under extreme conditions.

NewPower DC motors which could be eqquiped with electronic control or gear box, are available for elecrtric chairs, transmission, health tools and so on.

Wintron is base in Singapore with manufacturing facilities in UK and various part of China that manufacture high quality Electric Motors, Worm Gears, Compact Helical Gearmotors and Digital Soft-Starters. Wintron manufacture both IEC and NEMA motors compliant to EFF 2 and EPAct efficiencies. Wintron motors are designed and manufactured for harsh and brutal service condition. Wintron also manufacture a complete range of Worm Gears and Compact Helical Gearmotors.

TPG Motors & Drives, headquartered in Taiwan, is a professional manufacturer of transmission products and has been specializing in this field for over 20 years, manufacturing products like geared motors and gearboxes.

ProvibTech is a global supplier of advanced machinery protection and condition monitoring systems. We provide one of the industries most complete offerings for the monitoring and protection of critical machines and balance of plant machines. Attention to quality, value and customer service are the key to ProvibTech's success and growth.


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