Wintron South East Asia Pte Ltd

Torque Motors

Design and built under the highest quality process for general industrial needs, our products are there to provide reliable performance for a long time. Our motors will provide constant torque over the entire speed range when properly match to the speed controller.

When properly matched with the Speed Controllers, our motors can acheive stable Speed Torque Regulation at near zero rpm to full speed of the motor. In addition, we can customize our mechanical or electrical parpmeters to suit your needs.

For precise applications, we provide special encoder mounted on the motor shaft to acheive precise speed regulation and high torque at low speed without lengthening the motor.

•  Nema 42C-184TC face and base configurations available.
•  IEC B5, B14, D56-D100 flange mount with removable base.
•  High quality ball bearing gurantee long time operation in motor.
•  Removable brush cover for easier inspection and brush replacement.
•  Rated for use with SCR and PWM variable speed controls.
•  Low inertia armatures provide quick response.
•  Ratings include 1/16HP to 3HP, with various rated speeds available as standart in both 90V and 180V DC designs, TEFC and TENV versions.
•  12V/24V/36V/48V DC available.
•  Protection Index: IP 54

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